What is to become of my country

It seems when one gets older you try to make sure your little place in the sun stays safe.  It does makes sense to me, because as you get older, you get weaker and one do not want to be caught unawares with a thief on your stoep.

I live in a beautiful house that my partner build and paid off after 6 years.  He is like that, an overachiever.  We have enough.  We do not have a mansion, we have enough of everything, and dogs and cats and furniture with dog hair on.  The neighbourhood we live in is around 15 years old and there are no such thing as, ‘this was a previously white area or a previously black area’.  This was previously a few sand dunes and Port Jackson and Milkwood tree bush.  Any type of person live here.  In my street of 30 houses, there are black, white, Indian, Muslim, Jehovah witnesses, Christians, agnostics, Jews, old, young and newly weds.  It is fantastic, everybody greet and say hallo as we all are on our neighbourhood watch whatsapp group.  This is something we have to have.  There is a lot of crime in our area. In the past month there was a robbery at number 2, 4, 44 and 2 incidents where guys wanted to jump over the wall to get to the property.  On Wednesday afternoon a girl was stabbed dead for her cellphone.  she was walking home coming from work.  Thursday night a man and his wife were sitting on their veranda smoking when a few guys jumped over their wall shot at the wife, missed, put the gun to her husband’s neck, fired and braised him.  They ran away after these people screamed and the neighbours became aware of the situation.  All of this happened in a month in a radius of less than a km around my house.  Almost every person in South Africa do have a dog or 2 in their yard.  It is to deter thieves and murderers.  Yes, murderers, because they do kill, they kill for just your cellphone and if you do not have anything to give then also.

At the moment that are big in the news are the removal of the statues in South Africa that remind the black people of colonization.  My question is:  Once all the statues are crushed or removed, what then?  Will all the architecture of the time before 1994 also be demolished?  If all sand and stone that remind the black people of this country of colonization have been removed, what will be next?  All the white faces perhaps?





For a long time now I have been thinking about topics to write about. I don’t see myself as a specialist, but I am a huge dog lover, okay, animal lover.
I live in a very pretty neigbourhood and almost all the house owners have dogs, but they never walk their dogs. This drives me insane. Why must a dog look after your house when you never take it for a walk. You go to gym if you feel frustrated, why take that away from your dog. No, your yard is not big enough for a dog, they need to sniff stuff and mark stuff.

The English teacher

The stories one writes these days are not that interesting or romantic as they used to be I think.  In the past girls and guys waited at the mailbox to see when the mail arrived or they waited on the phone to ring.  Now they do not send letters no more.  They can see when that person received their message via Whatsapp and when last they were online, so they must have seen what you’ve sent them.  

Looking for work

Since 2011 I have been looking for work.  I took a sabbatical from work for 6 months and then in that time I had a fit.  The doctors thought I have become an epileptic and that was that.  I got a temporary job at the great company, but after 6 months my contract was finished.  While being there I had another fit, right in front of 300 people in an open plan set up.  The thing is, when I do get the fits, I scream, so everybody knew I was the girl that had a fit.  I was one again put on pills for epilepsy  This was 2012 already and I was looking for a job, I would apply for 3-15 jobs per day.  Most of them do not come back to you, some are scams, some come back with the letter saying ‘regret without interview’, some called me for one interview, some called me for 2 and I even had one for 3 interviews.  Jobs just eluded me.  Then I had another fit, and the neurologist found out I had a cluster of veins on my brain that needs to be removed, as they were leaking and the iron deposits on my brain caused the fits.  Yay!  somebody found out what was wrong with me.  I went for an operation in May 2012.  November I went onto this estate agent website and asked them if I can become and estate agent.  Got a call from the principal in an agency near me and she liked me and employed me.  I was selling houses.  The only thing with selling houses are…you work for free till you sell a house.  From October till February 2013 I sold nothing.  I sold a flat in February and got paid in May 2013.  Since then I have been selling houses, but not regularly.  Winter times it is very quiet and then I do not sell a thing.  So I started to look for jobs again.  Once again I was applying for 3-15 jobs a day.  Same story over again.  Last week I got a job after 3 interviews and a polygraph test.  I got a job as a bookstore manager.  I was elated.  The pay is not much, but it is a fixed salary that will pay my bills.  Still I was applying for other jobs, one never know what can come your way.  I applied for a job on Thursday morning, that afternoon I was called for an interview at 1130 the Friday.  I went and waited till 1140, then I went in and by 1220 I was finished.  By 1305 I was called for the second interview on Monday 10th February 2014 to go for another interview.  It is fantastic.  In the meantime I also applied for a position as a broker consultant with an insurance company.  They called me last week, had an telephone interview with me and yesterday I met with the owner of the franchise near my house and he is sending me the forms to sign tomorrow!  It seems like I got that job too!  This one is commission based, but it is something I have done with another insurance company before and one can make a lot of money if you work your panel of brokers and make them sell your product.  I am so excited, because everything looks so much brighter for my future now.Image  

Why I write

ImageI  write because I have a lot on my mind and one can’t always find the right person to talk to to get things off your chest.  I try to write in English to improve my English as it is not my home language.  I also write because a teacher told me in Grade 8 that I am writing such gory stories and it is unbecoming of a girl of that age.  Well he should not have given me the topic he did for my essay.  It was:  “This is how Murderer cove got it’s name’ or something like that.  I wrote the same story again in my final year examination as we got the same topic again and I got an A for essays.

I write because I like to read my stuff back to myself and sometimes it makes more sense to me than it did when I wrote it.

At the moment I have few words, they dried up, but I still like to challenge myself and see how far I can go with the words I’ve got.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

I know if I would only walk the streets dropping off flyers and knocking on doors, I will get noticed in my area and might get Sole mandates and Open mandates.  I could do it, it’s not that I don’t have time, but I don’t because I don’t like to knock on peoples doors making a fool of myself.  I know I should do it, it will be good for my business.  On the other hand, do I want to get known like that? No, I like my own space and company.  I don’t know if sales is my thing no more.  I’d rather write.