What is to become of my country

It seems when one gets older you try to make sure your little place in the sun stays safe.  It does makes sense to me, because as you get older, you get weaker and one do not want to be caught unawares with a thief on your stoep. I live in a beautiful house that my partner build and paid off after 6 years.  He is like that, an overachiever.  We have enough.  We do not have a mansion, we have enough of everything, and dogs and cats and furniture with dog hair on.  The neighbourhood we live in is … Continue reading What is to become of my country


For a long time now I have been thinking about topics to write about. I don’t see myself as a specialist, but I am a huge dog lover, okay, animal lover. I live in a very pretty neigbourhood and almost all the house owners have dogs, but they never walk their dogs. This drives me insane. Why must a dog look after your house when you never take it for a walk. You go to gym if you feel frustrated, why take that away from your dog. No, your yard is not big enough for a dog, they need to … Continue reading Dogs

The English teacher

The stories one writes these days are not that interesting or romantic as they used to be I think.  In the past girls and guys waited at the mailbox to see when the mail arrived or they waited on the phone to ring.  Now they do not send letters no more.  They can see when that person received their message via Whatsapp and when last they were online, so they must have seen what you’ve sent them.   Continue reading The English teacher

Looking for work

Since 2011 I have been looking for work.  I took a sabbatical from work for 6 months and then in that time I had a fit.  The doctors thought I have become an epileptic and that was that.  I got a temporary job at the great company, but after 6 months my contract was finished.  While being there I had another fit, right in front of 300 people in an open plan set up.  The thing is, when I do get the fits, I scream, so everybody knew I was the girl that had a fit.  I was one again … Continue reading Looking for work